Lease to Own

Do You Qualify?

We have no income limits, but your gross household income must be equal to or greater than $3,600 as our lowest home price in most markets is $150,000.

You must be able to provide us with documentation to support your household income and have positive housing history with on-time payments for the last 24 months.

You must have a minimum credit score of 580 to qualify for TrioAccess and TrioFirst; with a minimum 620 for TrioSelect.

Redefining Renting

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What is TRIO?

Trio is a lease with an option to purchase that you can use to finance your new home. Instead of starting with a home mortgage, Trio first qualifies you for a lease. That makes it easier to get financing up front.

Trio has fixed monthly payments, a choice to finance from one to five years, and the option to purchase during or at the end of your lease. Sound familiar? It should. About one out of every three new cars is financed with a lease. Trio brings lease financing to the housing industry, providing access to flexible and secure financing for your new home.

There's Renting. There's Owning. Now There's Trio.

Do you qualify for TRIO?

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